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Ultimate Linings – Industrial Spray Coatings

For almost 20 years, Ultimate Linings has been a leading provider of bed liner and industrial coatings. Ultimate Linings excels in the industry by providing high quality polyurethane, polyurea, and hybrid products for industrial coating solutions. Currently, we are operating throughout the United States and the world, adding international dealers and distributors to our family.

Industrial Coatings

Ultimate Linings industrial product formulations offer solutions for abrasion resistance, water proof coatings, blast resistance, hazardous materials containment energy, ballistic armor, chemical resistance, floor coatings, energy efficient insulation, structural reinforcement, corrosion resistance, fire retardant and thermal barrier coatings.

Industrial Coatings are here to protect your applications and choosing the proper coating can be challenging. We want to be there to help protect your valuable assets and to help you with our expertise knowledge. An industrial coating is a layer of protective coating applied to steel, concrete, and other materials. The coatings are manufactured with common polymers such as epoxy, polyurethane Coatings, urethane, acrylics and more. Industrial coating formulas and application methods vary widely depending on the structure and the protection needed. Industrial coatings can help to increase the lifetime of materials, which reduces replacement costs.

Automotive Bedliner

“Ultimate Linings Providing best quality material for  automotive coatings,automotive spray insulation,truck bedliner,boats and decks protective coating etc.” Ultimate Linings has grown year over year to be one of the largest industry provides across the United States and beyond. Today, Ultimate Linings offers a wide range of bed liner chemical options as well as varied application methods.No matter the size of the operation, we have a solution to fit your business.


Ultimate Linings is a leading GRACO distributor and our Parts & Equipment Departments offer a full line of parts, equipment, and service. The products that we provide have been selected for their history of reliability and minimum maintenance. Choose from a variety of proportioning pumps, plural component guns, coating pumps and coating guns