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Polyurea is a coating, lining and joint sealant technology. It is being used successfully for any different applications today. Polyurea coatings and linings are more commonly applied over concrete and steel for corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. They also have tremendous advantages over conventional materials for joint fill and caulk applications due to their fast set nature, high elongation and durability/abrasion characteristics. Polyurea can be molded and shaped by spraying it into molds. Similarly, polyurea is also used as hard coat protective shell over expanded polystyrene (EPS) for architectural molded fascia applications. The markets and applications are endless and on the rise.

Polyurea by name is not a specific coating system or a specification; it is a description of a polymer technology. A great technology that boasts many different formulations and physical property ranges. There are pure polyureas and hybrid polyurea systems, each possessing their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Users and specifiers must take into consideration that the proper combination of formulation, spray equipment, surface preparation, primers, training and application procedures is what leads to polyurea success. Improper training, under-rated equipment and lack of material/substrate compatibilities and preparation is what leads to polyurea failure, and for that matter, failure of any protective coating and lining system. Always follow the system manufacturer’s written guidelines for the best results.

Polyurea Benefits

# No VOC%u2019s and Little to No Odor

# Some Systems are USDA and Potable Approved

# Weather Tolerant: Cures at -25ºF to >300ºF even in High Humidity

# Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock

# Flexible: Bridges Cracks

# Waterproof, Seamless and Resilient

# Unlimited Mil Thickness in One Application

# Spray, Hand Mix and Caulk Grade Materials

# Excellent Bond Strengths to Properly Prepared Substrates

# Resistant to Various Solvents, Caustics and Mild Acids

# Low Permeability, Excellent Sustainability

Polyurea Definition

A polyurea coating / elastomer is that derived from the reaction product of an isocyanate component and a resin blend component. The isocyanate can be aromatic or aliphatic in nature. It can be monomer, polymer, or any variant reaction of isocyanates, quasi-prepolymer or a prepolymer. The prepolymer, or quasi-prepolymer, can be made of an amine-terminated polymer resin, or a hydroxyl-terminated polymer resin.

Industrial Coatings

Ultimate Linings industrial product formulations offer solutions for abrasion resistance, water proof coatings, blast resistance, hazardous materials containment energy, ballistic armor, chemical resistance, floor coatings, energy efficient insulation, structural reinforcement, corrosion resistance, fire retardant and thermal barrier coatings.

Automotive Bedliner

Ultimate Linings was founded on serving the Automotive Industry?s need for high quality bed liner material. Working through local spray shops, Ultimate Linings has grown year over year to be one of the largest industry provides across the United States and beyond. Today, Ultimate Linings offers a wide range of bed liner chemical options as well as varied application methods.No matter the size of the operation, we have a solution to fit your business.


Ultimate coatings are easy to apply and are durable environmental barriers under the toughest of conditions and provide resistance to inorganic bases, acids, alkaline materials and hydrocarbon solvents.Our vehicular and pedestrian decks, industrial flooring and wall systems are specifically formulated to withstand heavy traffic in the most critical areas. These seamless, elastomeric and water resistant systems can prevent the deterioration of concrete and rusting of the reinforcing steel rebars. They have an extended open time to broadcast granules for an anti-slip surface and are flexible and responsive to expansion and contraction.

Providing high elongation and tear strength, excellent low temperature flexibility and superior tensile strength, these systems will provide a permanent, long-lasting monolithic coating for your application.